Sri Balaji Society, Pune provides career specific contemporary education with a strong emphasis on practical training and overall development of the students.
Our Institutes
All the courses of our management institutes are approved by AICTE, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India and granted the status of 'Equivalent to MBA by Association of Indian Universities (AIU)' | Balaji Law College is approved by Bar Council of India, Affiliated to University of Pune & Recognised by Govt. of Maharashtra. | BCACS is affiliated to University of Pune, Recognised by Govt. of Maharashtra & BJCACS is affiliated to the Maharashtra Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Pune Division Board and Approved by the Govt. of Maharashtra.
B School in India.

Guest Lectures

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  • Mr.Mohammed Asif Iqbal
    Mr.Mohammed Asif Iqbal
    Principal Consultant (HR)
    PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)
  • Mr.Vishal Sharma
    Mr.Vishal Sharma
    1st President BITM
    Cognizant Technology Solutions
  • Mr.Viren Joshi
    Mr.Viren Joshi
    CEO & President HR
    Sigma Electric Manufacturing Corporation
  • Mr.Saptarshi Bhattacharya
    Mr.Saptarshi Bhattacharya
    Head HR
    Business Partner
  • Ms.Naushad Shani
    Ms.Naushad Shani
  • Mr.Shyam Sharma
    Mr.Shyam Sharma
    HR Leader Talent &
    Management & HR E Clerx
  • Mr.Ajit Thakur
    Mr.Ajit Thakur
    Head HR, Admin & EHS Hyundai Construction
    Equipment India Pvt. Ltd
  • Mr.Sanjay Inamdar
    Mr.Sanjay Inamdar
    FRR Forex Pvt.Ltd
  • Mr.Pravin Paritkar
    Mr.Pravin Paritkar
    CHRA Poonawalla Group
  • Mr.Milind Jadhav
    Mr.Milind Jadhav
    Co Founder & CEO
    Selectigence HR Solutions Pvt. Ltd
  • Mr.Thiagarajan Suryanarayanan
    Mr.Thiagarajan Suryanarayanan
    Global Head Talent Supply Chain HCL
    Technologies Ltd.
  • Mr.Shashikant Anpat
    Mr.Shashikant Anpat
    Director Products Inventory Inuxu Digital Media
    Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Mr.S.Ganesh Kumar
    Mr.S.Ganesh Kumar
    Ayoki Fabricon Pvt. Ltd.
  • Dr.Dilip Bhavsar
    Dr.Dilip Bhavsar
    Senior Art of Living Teacher
    & Homeopathic Doctor Art of Living .
  • Mr.Rajan Shringarpure
    Mr.Rajan Shringarpure
    Managing Director
    Vishay Components India Pvt.Ltd.
  • Mr.Sujit Chatterjee
    Mr.Sujit Chatterjee
    Finance Consultant (Corporate)
  • Mr.Aniruddha Khekale
    Mr.Aniruddha Khekale
    Group Director HR
    Emerson Process Management India.
  • Mr.Sreekanth K Arimanithaya
    Mr.Sreekanth K Arimanithaya
    CSC India Global Lead Workforce Management
  • Mr.Subhrarabinda Birabar
    Mr.Subhrarabinda Birabar
    Group CEO
    Sandhu Group of Companies
  • Mr.Mohan Sitharam
    Mr.Mohan Sitharam
    Chief People Officer
    Subex Ltd.
  • Mr. Sanjeev Parkar
    Mr. Sanjeev Parkar
    Human Capital,PWC.
  • Ms.Rachana Bharat
    Ms.Rachana Bharat
    Head HR
    State Street Syntel Services Pvt.Ltd.
  • Mr.Avijit Bhattarcharya
    Mr.Avijit Bhattarcharya
    Chief Human Resources Officer
    Tata Capital Ltd.
  • Ms.Diptii Das
    Ms.Diptii Das
    South Asia Head HR
    Aramex International.
  • Mr.Amit Vaish
    Mr.Amit Vaish
    Director & Head HR
    Barclays Technology Centre India.
  • Mr.Prasenjit Roy
    Mr.Prasenjit Roy
    Executive Vice President
    NTT Com.
  • Mr.Suman Srivastava
    Mr.Suman Srivastava
    Vice Chairman
    FCB Ulka Group, India.
  • Mr.Bijender Vats
    Mr.Bijender Vats
    Director HR
    MSD India.
  • Mr.Chetan Tolia
    Mr.Chetan Tolia
    Chief HR Officer
    Tata Power Ltd.
  • Ms.Sharmila H Amin
    Ms.Sharmila H Amin
    Managing Director
    South Asia at Bertling Logistics India Private Ltd.
  • Mr.Chandan Chattaraj
    Mr.Chandan Chattaraj
    President HR
    U Flex Industries Ltd
  • Mr.Venkatesh Palabatla
    Mr.Venkatesh Palabatla
    GMR Hyderabad International Airport Ltd.
  • Dr.Deepak Deshpande
    Dr.Deepak Deshpande
    Sr.VP & Head HR
    Netmagic Solutions.
  • Mr.Deepak Chawla
    Mr.Deepak Chawla
    Head HR
    Reliance Infrastructure.
  • Mr.Chittaranjan Mohanty
    Mr.Chittaranjan Mohanty
    Executive Director
    JP Morgan Chase & Co.
  • Mr.Roy Joseph
    Mr.Roy Joseph
    Sr.GM HRS
    MRF Ltd.
  • Mr.Pramod Sant
    Mr.Pramod Sant
    VP SCM
    Siemens Ltd.
  • Mr.Thirunavukkarasu
    President HR
    JK Tyres
  • Mr.Sunil Kashikar
    Mr.Sunil Kashikar
    VP Resource Management Group
    Zensar Technologies.
  • Ms.Malini Sathi
    Ms.Malini Sathi
    Global Head HR
    Quick Heal Technologies.
  • Mr.Robin Banerjee
    Mr.Robin Banerjee
    Managing Director
    Caprihans India Ltd.
  • Ms.Binaifer Khanna
    Ms.Binaifer Khanna
    Senior Vice President
    (HR and OD)
  • Mr.Shantanu Bhamare
    Mr.Shantanu Bhamare
    DIR.Communication & Media Soln
    Hewlett Packard(HP).
  • Mr.Vignesh Shahane
    Mr.Vignesh Shahane
    CEO And Director
    IDBI Federal Life Insurance.
  • Mr.Anish Philip
    Mr.Anish Philip
    AVP People Function
    Mindtree Limited India.
  • Ms.Kanisha Raina
    Ms.Kanisha Raina
    GM HR Asia Pacific Head
  • Mr.Manohar Hotchandani
    Mr.Manohar Hotchandani
    Business Development
  • Mr.Shekhar Tiwari
    Mr.Shekhar Tiwari
    Managing Director
  • Mr.Amit Mathur
    Mr.Amit Mathur
    Sr.Vice President
    Micromax Infomatics Ltd.
  • Mr.Hemant Sethia
    Mr.Hemant Sethia
    Vice President HR
    Credit Suisse Services (India) Pvt.Ltd.
  • Mr.Muthukumar Thanu
    Mr.Muthukumar Thanu
    Group Chief HR Officer
  • Mr.P.Ganpathy
    President HR
    Brakes India Private Limited.
  • Ms.Neetubala Raina
    Ms.Neetubala Raina
    ACC-ICF, HR Business Partner HR Analytics
  • Mr.P.K.Kumbhar
    Senior VP
  • Mr.Shashank Bhushan
    Mr.Shashank Bhushan
    Area Vice President HR
    BMC Software.
  • Mr.Sivakumar Jayraman
    Mr.Sivakumar Jayraman
    Head HR
    J.K.FINER (India) Ltd.
  • Mr.Bala Chandar
    Mr.Bala Chandar
    Group HR Director
    Cafe Coffee Day.
  • Mr.Ramesh K.B.Menon
    Mr.Ramesh K.B.Menon
    HR Director
    Murugappa Group.
  • Ms.Shikha Rai
    Ms.Shikha Rai
    Vice President
    Canon India Private Ltd.
  • Mr.Arokia Sagayaraj
    Mr.Arokia Sagayaraj
    Vice President-HR
    Renault Nissan Technology & Business Centre.
  • Mr.S.Venkatesh
    President HR
    RPG Group.
  • Mr.Rana Rajan
    Mr.Rana Rajan
    Credit Suisse.
  • Mr.Sandeep Tyagi
    Mr.Sandeep Tyagi
    Director HR
    Samsung Electronics
  • Mr.K.A.Narayan
    President HR
    Raymonds Ltd.
  • Mr.Burzeen Vakil
    Mr.Burzeen Vakil
    Head of Marketing
    Red Hat.
  • Mr.V.Suresh
    Chief Sales Officer
  • Ms.Samruddhi Mulye
    Ms.Samruddhi Mulye
    Head Human Capital
  • Mr.Alok Sheopurkar
    Mr.Alok Sheopurkar
    EVP HR
    HDFC Asset Management.
  • Mr.Vikas Shinde
    Mr.Vikas Shinde
    Director HR
    ADP India Pvt.Ltd.
  • Mr.Ravindra Mishra
    Mr.Ravindra Mishra
    President HR
    Garware Wall Ropes.
  • Mr.Soumendra Mattagaja Singh
    Mr.Soumendra Mattagaja Singh
    General Manager
    ICICI Bank.
  • Mr.Pratap G.
    Mr.Pratap G.
    Sr. Director HR
    Maersk Line India Pvt Ltd.
  • Mr.Sasi Kumar
    Mr.Sasi Kumar
    Joint Director
    Foreign Trade.
  • Mrs.Anjali Mukhija
    Mrs.Anjali Mukhija
    President Consultant
    SecMark Consultancy P Limited.
  • Mr.Sandeep Mahajan
    Mr.Sandeep Mahajan
    HR Director South Asia
    Checkpoint Systems
  • Mr.Amreesh Kher
    Mr.Amreesh Kher
    Sr.VP & Head Bancassurance
    IndusInd Bank.
  • Mr.Deepak Chabra
    Mr.Deepak Chabra
    STEMCYTE India.
  • Mr.Harsh Sood
    Mr.Harsh Sood
    Sr.Vice President
    Union National Bank,UAE.
  • Mr.Vikas Sharma
    Mr.Vikas Sharma
    Country Director
    Neo Mobile India pvt.Ltd.
  • Mr. Sumit Rajwade
    Mr. Sumit Rajwade
    Vice President
  • Mr.Ankush Agarwal
    Mr.Ankush Agarwal
    Director Mkt. & Business Dev.
    Harman Kordan.
  • Mr.Tejjas Parmar
    Mr.Tejjas Parmar
    General Manager
    Suzlon Group.
  • Mr. Subramanium C
    Mr. Subramanium C
    President HR
  • Mr.Abhay Kapoor
    Mr.Abhay Kapoor
    HR Lead
  • Mr.Reji Pillai
    Mr.Reji Pillai
    COO & HR
    City Gold Media.
  • Mr.Devesh Mukhija
    Mr.Devesh Mukhija
    Director Country Head
    Warren Brown
  • Mr.Arun Karna
    Mr.Arun Karna
    Managing Director
    AT&T Global Networks Services India Pvt.Ltd.
  • Mr.Shreyash Munot
    Mr.Shreyash Munot
    Director Sales
    Doehler India.
  • Mr.Shajan Samuel
    Mr.Shajan Samuel
    Sr. Vice President
    Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics Aptech Ltd.
  • Mr.Shriram Darbha
    Mr.Shriram Darbha
    Head HR
    Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd.
  • Mr.Shomendra Roy
    Mr.Shomendra Roy
    Group VP & Head
    Talent Acquisition,Reliance Industries Ltd.
  • Mr.Arvind Ganesh
    Mr.Arvind Ganesh
    IDFC Bank.
  • Mr.Marzin R Shroff
    Mr.Marzin R Shroff
    Eureka Forbes Limited.
  • Mr.Kunjal Kamdar
    Mr.Kunjal Kamdar
    Head HR
    Virtusa Polaris,India.
  • Ms.Swapna Jaladi
    Ms.Swapna Jaladi
    Head HR
    Magnitude Software.
  • Mr.Sukhwinder Aujla
    Mr.Sukhwinder Aujla
    Vice President - Marketing
  • Mr.Sanjeev Dixit
    Mr.Sanjeev Dixit
    Cheif People Officer
    Allied Blenders and Distillers Ltd
  • Mr.Prajakt Raut
    Mr.Prajakt Raut
  • Mr.Suresh Ghotage
    Mr.Suresh Ghotage
    Cheif Financial Officer
    Atlas Copco(india)Limited
  • Mr.Sunder Natarajan
    Mr.Sunder Natarajan
    Vice President
    Aviva India
  • Mr.Pradeep Parakh
    Mr.Pradeep Parakh
    Group President&Company Secretary
    Bajaj Hindusthan
  • Mr.Neeraj Basur
    Mr.Neeraj Basur
  • Mr.Rakshit Kapoor
    Mr.Rakshit Kapoor
    Country Head
    Buongiomo India
  • Mr.Amit Baid
    Mr.Amit Baid
    National Head
  • Mr.Gaurav Laddha
    Mr.Gaurav Laddha
    Sr Associate
  • Mr.Ramesh Lyer
    Mr.Ramesh Lyer
    Concur Technologies
  • Mr.Anant Sathe
    Mr.Anant Sathe
    Past CFO-Kirloskar Brothers Ltd
    Consular Electrica India
  • Mr.Radhakrishnan Pillai
    Mr.Radhakrishnan Pillai
    Corporate Chanakya
  • Ms. Padmini Mishra
    Ms. Padmini Mishra
    Global Head & CHRO
    Cox & Kings
  • Mr.Hemant Joshi
    Mr.Hemant Joshi
    Senior Partner & TMT India Leader
  • Mr.Rajiv Gerela
    Mr.Rajiv Gerela
    Deutsche Bank
  • Mr.Sashank Jagirdar
    Mr.Sashank Jagirdar
    Director Human Resources
    DHL Supply Chain India Pvt Ltd
  • Mr.Animesh Bagchi
    Mr.Animesh Bagchi
    Senior Vice President-Finance
    Eagle Burgmann India Pvt Ltd
  • Mr.Binesh Menon
    Mr.Binesh Menon
    India Head-L&D
  • Mr.Harshal Girad.
    Mr.Harshal Girad.
    Cheif Financial Officer
    Emerson Climate Technologies India Ltd
  • Mr.Rajesh Grover
    Mr.Rajesh Grover
  • Mr.Abhay Kapoor
    Mr.Abhay Kapoor
  • Mr.Jitesh Sah
    Mr.Jitesh Sah
    Vice President
  • Ms.Aabha Nanda
    Ms.Aabha Nanda
    VP Corporate HR
    EXL Service
  • Mr.Pranab Kumar Mishra
    Mr.Pranab Kumar Mishra
    Finolex Cables India
    Vice President
  • Mr.Bobby Kuriakose
    Mr.Bobby Kuriakose
    Head HR
    Forbes Marshall
  • Mr.MVC Murthy
    Mr.MVC Murthy
    Future Group
  • Mr.Bedraj Tripathy
    Mr.Bedraj Tripathy
    AVP Marketing
    Godrej Interio Ltd
  • Mr.Nitin Bawankule
    Mr.Nitin Bawankule
    Director-Ecommerce,Retail,Online Classifieds,
    Technology,Education and Govt.-Google
  • Mr.Rajiv Mitra
    Mr.Rajiv Mitra
    Govind Milk and Milk Products
  • Mr.Apurva Chamaria
    Mr.Apurva Chamaria
    Head-Global Brand & Digital Marketing
  • Mr.Sidharth Mukherjee
    Mr.Sidharth Mukherjee
    Group Manager
    HCL Technologies
  • Mr.Shwait Verma
    Mr.Shwait Verma
    Asst VP
    HDFC Bank
  • Mr.S.Mukherjee
    SVP,Head Analytical,Marketing,Campaign
    Operations & Alerts-HDFC Bank
  • Ms.Devika Kurane
    Ms.Devika Kurane
    Senior Brand Manager
    Hindustan Unilever Ltd.
  • Mr.Rajendra Sarangi
    Mr.Rajendra Sarangi
    Cheif Financial Officer
    Hoganas India Ltd
  • Mr.Vishal Augustine
    Mr.Vishal Augustine
    Director-Solution Architect
  • Mr.Clifford Mohan Pai
    Mr.Clifford Mohan Pai
    GPHR,AVP,HR Business Leader &Head-ER
  • Mr.Sochin Dharewal
    Mr.Sochin Dharewal
    Inmantech Services
  • Mr.Sanjay Kumar
    Mr.Sanjay Kumar
    VP- Capability Building
    ITC Infotech
  • Mr.Ernest Louis
    Mr.Ernest Louis
  • Mr.Rajeev Bhadauria
    Mr.Rajeev Bhadauria
    Director-Group HR
    Jindal Steel
  • Mr.Rajesh Dembla
    Mr.Rajesh Dembla
    Group VP-Global Operation
    Just Dial
  • Mr.Deepak Gupta
    Mr.Deepak Gupta
    Group Head HR & CHRO
  • Mr. Vishal Parekh
    Mr. Vishal Parekh
    Director -Marketing
  • Mr.Anil Patwardhan
    Mr.Anil Patwardhan
    Vice President-Accounts &Finance
    KPIT Technologies Ltd
  • Mr.Binoj Vasu
    Mr.Binoj Vasu
  • Mr.Sandip Biswas
    Mr.Sandip Biswas
  • Mr.Sandeep Sachdeva
    Mr.Sandeep Sachdeva
    Lakshmikumaran Sridharan
  • Mr.Deepak Bharara
    Mr.Deepak Bharara
    Lancho Infratech
  • Ms.Nalini Dutta
    Ms.Nalini Dutta
    Brand Manager
  • Padma Shri Ms.Lila Poonawalla
    Padma Shri Ms.Lila Poonawalla
    Lila Ponnawalla Foundation
  • Mr.Dipol Dhole
    Mr.Dipol Dhole
    LT Foods
  • Mr.Anal Singh Ashutosh
    Mr.Anal Singh Ashutosh
    National Trade Marketing Manager
    LT Overseas
  • Mr.Devesh Khanna
    Mr.Devesh Khanna
    Make my Trip
  • Mr.P.Dwarkanath
    Advisor Group Human Capital
    Max India
  • Mr.Anil Reddy
    Mr.Anil Reddy
    Cheif Strategic Officer
  • Mr.Rajit Desai
    Mr.Rajit Desai
    Partner-Consulting&Analytics Intelligence
  • Dr.Deepak Deshpande
    Dr.Deepak Deshpande
    Senior Vice President-HR
    Netmagic Solution
  • Mr.Jay Shah
    Mr.Jay Shah
    AVP&Enterprise Applications Head
    Nihilent Technologies
  • Mr.Ravi Teja
    Mr.Ravi Teja
    Vice President -Global Consultant
    Nihilent Technologies
  • Mr.Rajesh Prasad
    Mr.Rajesh Prasad
    Vice President
  • Mr.Edwin  Moses
    Mr.Edwin Moses
    Group Vice President
  • Mr.Pramod Sadarjoshi
    Mr.Pramod Sadarjoshi
    Senior Director-HCM Transformation,
    Asia Pacific at Oracle India Pvt Ltd Oracle India Limited
  • Mr.Sudeep Luthra
    Mr.Sudeep Luthra
    Head HR
  • Mr.Rajesh Chadha
    Mr.Rajesh Chadha
    Deputy-General Manager
  • Mr.Anand Bhaskar
    Mr.Anand Bhaskar
    Planet Ganges
  • Mr.S K Dutta
    Mr.S K Dutta
    President &Head Corporate HR
    Praj Industries
  • Mr.Sandip Mukherjee
    Mr.Sandip Mukherjee
    Executive Director
    Price Water House Coopers
  • Mr.Dinesh Supekar
    Mr.Dinesh Supekar
    Office Managing Partner -pune
    Price Water House &Co LLP
  • Mr.Abhishek Joshi
    Mr.Abhishek Joshi
    Director Marketing
  • Mr.Bijay Lenka
    Mr.Bijay Lenka
    Vice President-Corporate Finance
    RSB Transmissionn Ltd
  • Mr.Samarsh David
    Mr.Samarsh David
    CSR Head
    Sandvik Asia
  • Ms.Jyotsna Sharma
    Ms.Jyotsna Sharma
    Cheif Financial Officer
    Sandvik Asia
  • Mr.Paremvir Malik
    Mr.Paremvir Malik
    Founder& Lead-HR System Consulting Division
    Sequence Bussiness HR Solutions
  • Mr.Rajat Bhatia
    Mr.Rajat Bhatia
  • Mr.Tarun Katiyal
    Mr.Tarun Katiyal
    Cheif HR &Adminstration Officer
  • Ms.Nitisha Rawat
    Ms.Nitisha Rawat
    Talent Mgmt Partner
  • Capt.Uday Palsule
    Capt.Uday Palsule
    Spear Logistics
  • Mr.Sanjay Chakrabarthi
    Mr.Sanjay Chakrabarthi
    Founding Partner
  • Ms.Anindita Dey
    Ms.Anindita Dey
    Head HR
  • Mr.Deepak Rastogi
    Mr.Deepak Rastogi
    Cheif Financial Officer
    Tata Autocomp(TACO)
  • Mr.James Chelliah
    Mr.James Chelliah
    Cheif Financial Officer
    Tata Bluescop Steel Ltd
  • Mr.Sudipta Marjit
    Mr.Sudipta Marjit
    Vice President-Corporate Finance
    Tata Capital Ltd
  • Mr.S D Oza
    Mr.S D Oza
    Cheif Financial Officer
    Tata Communication Transformation Services Ltd
  • Mr.R.Balasundaram
    VP-Broker Relations
  • Mr.Anil Monterio
    Mr.Anil Monterio
    Directior HR
    Techno Tree
  • Mr.Amit Pandey
    Mr.Amit Pandey
    V.P.&Head Procurement,SCM,
  • Mr. Prakash Narayan Shukla
    Mr. Prakash Narayan Shukla
    Vice President
  • Mr.K.Soundarrajan
    TVS Logistics
  • Mr.Samar Singh Sheikhawat
    Mr.Samar Singh Sheikhawat
    Senior Vice President Marketing
    United Breweries Ltd.(The UB Group)
  • Mr.Ajay Bakshi
    Mr.Ajay Bakshi
    Vadafone India Services Pvt.Ltd
  • Mr.Madhav Samant
    Mr.Madhav Samant
    Chief Financial Officer
    Vadafone Sahred Services Pvt Ltd
  • Mr.David Naidu
    Mr.David Naidu
    Directior HR
  • Ms.Anshadha Dahima
    Ms.Anshadha Dahima
    Functional Consultant
    Wipro Ltd
  • Mr.Prem Singh
    Mr.Prem Singh
    President Global HR
  • Mr.DR Kurane
    Mr.DR Kurane
    Yes Bank
  • Mr.Sushruta Samanta
    Mr.Sushruta Samanta
    Business Head
  • Mr.S.K Jha
    Mr.S.K Jha
    Commissioner Of Income Tax
    Income Tax
  • Mr. Jagdish Bapat
    Mr. Jagdish Bapat
    AVP - HR
    Aditya Birla Chemicals(15-06-2015)
  • Ms.Joozar Hastak
    Ms.Joozar Hastak
    Associate Director HR
  • Ms.Renuka Krishnan
    Ms.Renuka Krishnan
    AVP Talent Acquisition
  • Mr. Rajesh Dhaktode
    Mr. Rajesh Dhaktode
    Vice President - HR
    Adlabs Imagica an Adlabs Entertainment Limited(18-06-2015)
  • Dr. Madan Kataria
    Dr. Madan Kataria
    The Laughter Guru
    Laughter Yoga International India(20-06-2015)
  • Mr. Shaurya Bharadwaj (Shifuji)
    Mr. Shaurya Bharadwaj (Shifuji)
    Mission Prahar(21-06-2015)
  • Dr. Harold D Costa
    Dr. Harold D Costa
    Intelligent Quotient Security System
  • Ms. Kavita Kulkarni
    Ms. Kavita Kulkarni
    VP and Head HR
    Infosys Limited(23-06-2015)
  • Mr. M S Pillai
    Mr. M S Pillai
    Founder & Director
    Sadhana College(24-06-2015)
  • Swami Pragyapad
    Swami Pragyapad
    International Director
    Art of Living(25-06-2015)
  • Mr. Rajaram Rajamani
    Mr. Rajaram Rajamani
    Global HR Director India & Sub
    Saharan Africa John Deere India Pvt Ltd(26-06-2015)
  • Mr. Amit Kumar
    Mr. Amit Kumar
    HR M&A,
    Flipkart (27-06-15)
  • Mr. Sachidanand R.
    Mr. Sachidanand R.
    Kulkarni,Vice President HR & Culture
    Webonise Lab Pvt Ltd(28-06-2015)
  • Mr. Manoj Biswas
    Mr. Manoj Biswas
    MD - HR
    Accenture India Pvt Ltd (30-06-15)
  • Mr. Vasu Ramanujam
    Mr. Vasu Ramanujam
    Sr. Director India Operations
  • Mr. Vikram Puri
    Mr. Vikram Puri
    Managing Director & CEO
    Transworld Technologies Ltd(08-07-2015)
  • Mr. Gautam Sinha
    Mr. Gautam Sinha
    Vice President,Group Human Resource,
    Aditya Birla Group(11-07-2015)
  • Mr. Anand Dusane
    Mr. Anand Dusane
    Executive Vice President & Regional Head - West 12
    HDFC Bank Ltd (12-07-15)
  • Mr. Mukesh Jha
    Mr. Mukesh Jha
    CEO & Co-Founder
  • Mr. Amitabha Mukhopadhyay
    Mr. Amitabha Mukhopadhyay
    Group Chief Financial Officer
    Thermax Limited (16-07-15)
  • Mr. Indrajit Deshmukh
    Mr. Indrajit Deshmukh
    Practical Lifeskills Farm(20-07-2015)
  • Mr. Sandeep Mahajan
    Mr. Sandeep Mahajan
    Director - HR
    Crane Process Flow Technologies (I)Ltd(24-07-2015)
  • Mr. Shailendra Abhyankar
    Mr. Shailendra Abhyankar
    Managing Director
  • Mr. Sujitesh Das
    Mr. Sujitesh Das
    VP, Strategic HR
    Microland Ltd(28-07-2015)
  • Mr. Soma S
    Mr. Soma S
    National sales head
    MAN Trucks India (01-08-15)
  • Mr. Siddharth Bajpai
    Mr. Siddharth Bajpai
    Head RMD
    Times Group (03-08-15)
  • Ms. Kiran Bedi
    Ms. Kiran Bedi
    Indian politician, social activist
    former tennis player and a retired Indian Police Service officer(25-09-15)
  • Mr. Arun Firodia
    Mr. Arun Firodia
    Kinetic Group(30-09-15)

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Admission for Year 2017-19 A.Y

Common Admission Process for BIMM, BITM, BIIB, BIMHRD, In 34 Centers All Over India.

Admission for Year 2017-19 Batch

Common Admission Process for BIMM, BITM, BIIB, BIMHRD, In 34 Centers All Over India.